#JayAndLayDay - 3rd Birthday Fun!!

My little bubble butts are the big 3!!

Potty trained and going to day care full time.

Hugging me after a long day, and telling me to leave when I drop them off.

Eating big girl foods, and throwing big girl tantrums.

Becoming more and more rambunctious and sweet and caring and sassy and smart every day, and I just cannot believe it. I'm so blessed to be their Mommie!!

We started the #JayAndLayDay with a bit of a snooze. I took off work and let the girls sleep in before getting them up and dressed for school! We had breakfast together and stopped by Krispy Kreme for a few donut holes too! By the time we got to daycare, they were ready to parrrrtay! I joined them for lunch and brought cupcakes for the class (I shared the classroom birthday shenannies on my Insta!!), then picked them up early from school that afternoon. We had a minor wardrobe change on the way to the park, and ended our celebration with French macarons at a local patisserie. And who could forget... pizza for dinner!

Am I the only mom who treats birthdays like a holiday for myself?

Can't be!

I mean, I did the work to bring them into this world, so I gladly live it up with them because it's my anniversary too! 3rd anniversary to be exact, and I absolutely cannot believe how quickly time has flown.

Happy Birthday Jay and Lay!! Mommie loves you to itsy bitty pieces! Smooches!!

xo Chels