Baggage Check: San Diego

Baggage Check: San Diego

Arthur and I just got back from visiting San Diego, and it was amaze-balls!!

Now, I'm not going to lie... The first couple of days, I was a little in shock. Relocating to a new city, with new people... new everything really. It seems like there's so much to do in San Diego, and so many areas to visit. But, after I warmed up to the idea of it being my new home, and a place for new opportunities, I warmed up to the city instantly.

That, and the hubs got me a lil' Hennessy to sip on as well! 

But, even before getting to the city, I knew the culture was a night-and-day difference from funky town Fort Worth. So, I made sure to pack my outfits accordingly.

In FW, I feel like I can't always be myself. I feel like my sense of style may be a little too different.. my hairstyles will attract too much attention, and I can't just be me. (Not that I'm just a crazy fashionista, but idk, it's just very much a cookie cutter environment here.)

When I saw this backpack at Target, I knew it'd be perfect for the trip. Because we were doing a lot of ripping and running, I didn't want to carry around my usual Michael Kors bag--I carry my life in that thing--so this was A-1. 

I fell in love with this skirt from Forever 21, but also got some practical items for travel like this and these. Being that we were going to a beach city, I knew I would need a comfy pair of shorts, not the booty shorts I used to rock in my pre-mommie days, as well as some suppppppper distressed boyfriend jeans.

And can we take a moment of silence for my sunglasses? A.DOR.A.BLE. I got these and these from Charming Charlie's and I don't think I've taken them off since. So freaking cute!

Have you had any travels lately? Any good sales I should know about? I barely ever go shopping for myself, but if the sale is good enough... :D But, I'm going to call it a night, guys and dolls. The airport life is hella draining, and I'm ready for bed! Back to work in the morning! Smooches!

xo Chels

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