Miso Hungry

I loveeee a good cup of soup. Like, love love.

Honestly, I think soup should have it's own food group. It soothes me in soooo many ways, I just love it.

But, let's be honest, to get an orgasmic level soup, it takes time for the flavors to develop and juices to meld together. Sometimes, I crave a hot and steamy bowl of soup but don't have the drive to make one. (No pun intended!) 

If you're anything like me, have no fear. I've got you covered.

Pretend like you don't see my overgrown and broken manicure, kay? Oh gosh!!

When I made this soup, I was already exhausted. The hubby, the girls, and I had just gotten home from a trip to base. I finally got my military ID. But, it wasn't easy.

We left the house this morning, then 5 minutes later, drove back because I forgot my wedding ring... dramatic much? Then, we headed to base (about 10 minutes away) and drove to the wrong area, so we turned around and exited just to re-enter. Finally, we got parked, got the girls out of their carseats, and went into the facility. It was jam packed! Luckily, I had a head-of-the-line pass because we had already tried to come in once before. So, we walked up to the counter to begin processing our request, only to realize that the hubs forgot his paperwork at home.

Disclaimer: before even leaving that morning, the hubs reminded me to make sure I had everything I needed. I guess he forgot for himself. *stale face emoji*

Back in the car we went, driving right back home to get his paperwork, and turning around to come back to base. Please imagine my excitement at this point. We get back to the facility, walk in, and low and behold, the processing windows were shut down. I shouldn't have been surprised that they were taking no more appointments with the way our day was going. But, after some finagling with one of the workers, we were able to get taken care of. Thank God!

We get inside the office, fill out the required information, then the man asks me to take off my hat and smile for the picture.


Additional disclaimer: before even leaving that morning, I asked the hubs if I would have to take off my hat once we got to the facility. I had washed my hair the night before and it had not been styled. He said no. I guess he forgot that too! *double stale face emoji*

After about 10 minutes of trying to bargain with the man, insisting that I leave my hat on, he finally persuades me to remove it and come back another day to get my picture re-done. Needless to say, I looked a hot, flaming mess. But, at least I had a bonnet on underneath!! And, some cute hoop earrings!

When we got home... I was ready to call it a day! Irritated and hungry, this Easy Miso Soup with Pork Dumplings appropriately came to my rescue. 

It took about 30 minutes tops to cook up, and minimal prep. In a large stockpot, I added some oil, sliced mushrooms and spinach. Let that wilt, while in a small bowl I made a slurry with miso paste and water. To the stockpot, I added frozen dumplings, the miso slurry, and some broth until the dumplings are covered. I chopped up some green onions and add those too. Cooked until boiling, then reduced to simmer until I was ready to eat!

If you really wanna be extra, season with whatever you have on hand. I used soy sauce, sriracha, and a splash of fish sauce. Ginger may have been nice as well.

Soup-er simple, really, and definitely worth the wait. Maybe now I can get some rest! ...Doubt it!

Hopefully your day was not as hectic as mine! Smooches!

xo Chels