How To Not Have a Mental Breakdown

How To Not Have a Mental Breakdown

Lately I've been struggling with some anxiety. Nothing major, but the Mr. and I are about to embark on a lot of changes in our lives. All for the better, but something about the unknown is so... intimidating.

I'm the type of person that likes to plan. Having some details set in stone just makes things more comfortable, right? But, I'm having to learn to let go of my anal life planning tendencies, because well, everything is un-planned when you're a military spouse.

Let me just give you a little glimpse of what I'm talking about...

In the last 6 months, we have traveled to interstate and intrastate vacations, gotten engaged, moved in together, gotten married (we opted for the courthouse to save stress), and a few more things here and there.

And in the next 6 months, we will have been stationed in a completely new city (eek!), went house hunting, moved into whichever place we decide on, started pre-k for the girls (double eek!), left my job, hopefully Interviewed and found another job (but I'm really hoping to start my own thing just have yet to win the Mr. over on that idea)... and we still have to visit both of our families since we sort of eloped *insert cautious awkward grin emoji*. We are also trying to plan an event for both sides to come together and meet each other AND a honeymoon/vacay since we didn't do that this go 'round.

Just a lot.

What are you all going through out there? How are you keeping your head screwed on right?

Let your nerves rest. Do nothing. I've been trying to take more moments to relax in my present state. Drinking a steamy cup of tea in the morning or before bed, reading a book (the Mr. and I have a list of books to read each month this year, so I have a lot of catching up to do!), or catching up on my Bloglovin feed. I'm even thinking of taking on hot yoga!! Thoughts?

Plan what you can, and let the rest come as it may. Sometimes, it's overwhelming to look at the big picture when there are so many missing links. Take it in chunks and only worry about what you can worry about. Everything else? It'll come in it's due season.

Call on the Most High. Mind you, my list is not in order of importance. But, taking a moment to talk to Him really does something to ease your heart. Whether it be short messages through the day... Lord, i need you. Lord, be with me. Keep me near the cross... or an entire prayer session, whatever you choose, He always has time for you.

What about you? Do you have anything to add to my list? Maybe I should add write in a journal, because this post has actually been somewhat therapeutic. I woke up with so much on my mind, and I definitely feel more at ease now, so thanks for reading!! Many smooches, beautiful!!

xo Chels