Book Club: Twenty Seventeen

Book Club: Twenty Seventeen

I love reading magazines, but I'm typically not a book reader. Never have been. It's just something about looking at all the pages, with no pictures, flipping and flipping and you're not anywhere closer to the end.

It was a daunting task to finish a novel in my olden days.

But not this year, baby.

I'm switching it up and trying to force myself to read more often. They say that the more you read, the more you exercise your brain, right? Well, I want my ticker to keep on ticking. (And, I kind of need a minute sometimes so I don't completely lose it.)

The Mr. on the other hand loves to read. I swear he's the biggest Harry Potter finatic out there. Read the novels countless times and a has the deathly hollows tattoo on his forearm. So, I felt like I needed to up the anty and have something to talk to him about that he is remotely interested in.

He's choosing 6 books and I'm choosing the other 6, and we will dedicate one book to each month. So far we've got the first third of the year covered.

Book Club Collage.jpg

I chose 3 of the 4 (still waiting for Arthur's choices), but every other book that was on my list is a cookbook and that doesn't count. No pictures, remember. So, I wanted to open up the choice to you guys, my bestest pals. Any good books you've read lately? Or are interested in reading? Spill the beans, and maybe we can read them together! Deal?

Okay, goodbye for now!! I'm home alone tonight and enjoying every moment of it. I'm on my second glass of moscato with the Erykah Badu pandora station on repeat. Per usual, lots and lots of smooches!!

xo Chels