Much Needed Makeover for Pork and Applesauce

Much Needed Makeover for Pork and Applesauce

Prosciutto. Prosciuttoooo. Just say that three times fast, click your heels, and you'll be whisked off to the land of Good Eats.

But seriously though, it doesn't get much better than prosciutto. And what better to pair with the sophisticated salty ham than it's quite un-sophisticated but equally salty cousin, bacon. 

Before we start talking food, let's have a little bit of story time, shall we?

So, if you're new around here, then you might not know that Arthur and I are freshly hitched. (You've got to take a look at our vintage courthouse elopement!!) And, Arthur is in the Navy, so there's definitely a whole lot of change going on over this way. I'm totally down for it because the military perks are a very real thing. Cheaper groceries, cheaper gas, discounts.. all kinds of stuff. But! I can't get any of that until I get my own military ID.

Who knew that was a thing. For spouses? Uhhh, not this girl.

Arthur and I have planned for weeks to make sure we turned in all of the necessary stuff to move forward with getting me in the system. I took off work to finish everything up and to get my very own military ID (you have to understand my utter excitement at this point since I've been waiting to whip it out at the diner so I can snag my free 'whatever it is that we get'. So, I take off work, get everything ready, drive over to the military base, and walk up to the vistor office only to find... the ID center is closed on Mondays.

Closed on Mondays?

You mean to tell me I planned to take off on a Monday, actually took off on a Monday, told my wonderfully forgetful hubby that I took off on Monday, only to drive over and find the office is closed every Monday?!

What the flip.

But, I tried to look at the glass half full... *insert stale face emoji* So...! I treated myself to these porky-peppery-goat cheesy sammies for lunch and I'd say, it was well deserved.

Even though they look picture perfect, they really are super simple to make. The hardest (or should I say, most time consuming) part is the marmalade. 

Can we please take a moment of silence for the marmalade, because it is seriously just that good. I think I ate it by the spoonful, eek!

In a saucepan, add bacon jam (yes, that's a thing), apply jelly, brown sugar, vinegar, liquid smoke, salt, pepper, and paprika. Heat on medium low until combined and that's it.

Pure. Gold.

What did you do for lunch today? Any flavor pairings I should try with prosciutto next time? A friend commented on instagram about watermelon and prosciutto. Ummmm, yes and yas. I want to know what you think too! Smooches!!

xo Chels