Motherhood: What They Didn't Tell You

Motherhood: What They Didn't Tell You

Is it okay if I take a minute to unwind just a bit?

Today was tough. Trying to say the least. As a mother, I feel like it is always my job to have everything together… dinner cooked and it better be toddler-approved, games always available to play, and a smile on my face to calm any meltdowns that might occur with no fair warning at all. But, honestly, how am I supposed to keep it all together?

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to cry in the bathroom, but of course I couldn't get a free minute to do that without hearing, "Where'd Mommie go?" or "Mommie, whatcha doin'?" Between the time spent telling them to eat their food (because I am NOT cleaning chicken nugget pieces off the floor again!) or to lay down, or 'STOP THAT' for who knows what reason… I'm tired.

Am I the only one that ever questions my mommie-ness?

But then, 10 minutes after time-out, I look at them laughing and smiling and playing and it gives me hope. Maybe I am doing something right! That, or they have no sense of long term memory. Or both?

I may not have it all together. I may not read their 'homework assignments' every night. I may order takeout once or twice a week. I may throw away their arts and crafts from school every once in while. But, with all that, they still love me. And, that's all that counts.

If you're a mama and you feel anything like me, just hang in there. It'll all be worth it. And, when they're too big to remember the tantrums, you'll miss these days. (Well, maybe not all of them, but a few I hope!)

Do you feel like it's hard to keep everything together? Have any words of wisdom, or just need to debrief? Tell me all about it. I promise I won't judge. Smooches!!

xo Chels